Sattvic food list

Foods affect our health a lot. Being healthy depends on what type of foods you eat. Even if you practice yoga and exercise daily, you cannot gain a healthy body if your eating habits are not healthy. Food is what nourishes your body and mind, so it should be healthy and fresh. In ayurveda, it says that you will become what you eat means the food you eat will reflect in your body. In this article we will discuss the Sattvic food list.

Usually there are 3 types of foods:

Tamasic: When the seed is in a sleepy state, it is known as tamasic food. It means the seed is in darkness away from the earth’s sunlight. This type of food makes you dull, lethargic and depressing.

Tamasic foods include mainly meat and deep fried foods.

Rajasic: When the seed comes out of endosperm towards the earth and faces the sun, that state is known as rajasic. It represents the excitement, stimulation, etc. Rajasic foods increase the over excitement in us, it disturbs the balance of the body and induces stress and anxiety. 

Rajasic foods include chicken, fish, sour items like chutneys, pickles, sour milk, sour cream, etc.


Sattvic: When the seed is turned into a beautiful flower and its petals face the sun and shine, that state is known as sattvic. It represents harmony, balance and light. This type of food helps in balancing the mind and body.

In Ayurveda, sattva is related to pure quality, joy, harmony, balance, awareness and spirituality. This is the reason sattvic food is recommended for the balancing of the mind and the body. It helps in nourishing the mind, body and soul, maintains the immunity of the body, soothes the soul and increases the intelligence.

Sattvic food list includes many items like:

  1. Ghee:

It is the most recommended food in sattvic diet as it nourishes the body deeply from every aspect. It is also known as clarified butter. Ghee has so many medicinal applications also. It can be easily prepared at home.

  1. Sprouted whole grains:

Sprouted whole grains are important for good health. They are highly nutritious and represent happiness, prosperity and health. 

  1. Fresh organic fruits:

Most of the fruits are considered as sattvic except avocado and tomato. They are of rajasic nature. Rest of the fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, plums, berries, bananas, etc are included in the sattvic diet.

  1. Honey:

Honey, brown rice juice, fruit juices, maple syrup and sugar cane juice are included in the sattvic diet. Avoid white sugar items.

So this is all about the Sattvic food list. See what you eat as it affects our health. Eat healthy and be healthy.

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