List of best healthy breakfast

 When speaking about A healthy breakfast then it should comprise of an assortment of nourishment, for instance, low-fat or fat free milk, entire grains, lean meats or meat exchanges, and foods grown from the ground. Offering these menu things will help give an assortment of supplements and keep understudies and prepared to learn until lunch time.

Now we are going to explain about best healthy breakfast. Check them out below;


Dosa - Wikipedia

As we know that another popular and traditional dish of South India is dosa and especially Rava Dosa. The way of making rava dosa is quite easy as there is no fermentation and grinding is required. And the sides offered with dosa is sambhar and coconut chutney. Other than rava dosa there are other dosas which are popular like Masala dosa, Neer dosa, Cheese dosa and many others.


 When talking about upma then it  is a traditional South indian breakfast dish that is prepared from rava. Another name for rava is Sooji in Hindi and in English it is called cream of wheat. This is one of the part of healthy breakfast indian. The sides that is served with upma is the coconut chutney, lemon pickle or lime slices. One can also had this plain.


When it comes to poha then it’s   popular dish that comes from the state of Maharashtra made with beaten or flattened rice. And the variety that is largely popular is Onion poha which is quick, easy and healthy dish to prepare. Some of the other popular poha varieties which are there are Potato Onion Poha and Batata Poha.

Grilled Sandwich

 This one is a most popular breakfast all actross the world.A delicious vegetable sandwich which is prepared in Mumbai style prepared with cilantro chutney and grilled the sandwich to perfection to provide it that right crispiness. The sandwiches are quite quick and easy to prepare and the people who are really health conscious prefer for using brown bread or whole wheat bread. The varieties of grilled sandwich are  Veg Sandwich, Cheese Sandwich, Paneer Sandwich and Potato Sandwich.

I hope we have included all the information about best healthy breakfast. Stay tuned for more details.

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